Nimbus 2000 Pocket Pillow top mattress

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This is one of our best hand made mattress both in terms of comfort and longevity.

The base of any good mattress is the spring the better quality the spring is the better the mattress will be  we only use quality German springs in all of our mattresses these are tried and tested to the the most stringent European standards and provide an excellent skeleton for our luxury products.

The Nimbus Incorporates  a 2000 individual pocket spring wrapped in a fabric pocket this gives individual support to both sleepers and means there isn't any roll or disturbance when moving.

The sides of the mattress are individually hand sewn into the actual spring although this is a manual time intensive procedure it means when there is weight on the mattress the sides will not sag or bow out.

Nimbus 2000 Pocket Pillow top mattress- Features

The hand stitching process also means the fillings are bound together and don't dissipate over time leaving uneven thickness.

We only use natural fillings in all our mattresses this means they naturally wick moisture away from the body and you have the peace of mind knowing you are not sleeping on a pile of chemicals. 

lambs wool, horsehair, coconut fibre, Cashmere, silk are some of the fillings we use.

For additional comfort this mattress has a memory foam pillow top finished in luxurious soft touch Cashmere fabric.

Ventilation and airflow is regulated throughout the mattress via the vents in the sides.

This mattress is a medium firmness with the pillowtop providing a softer top.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leo Parker
Most Comfortable topper

This is high quality and most comfortable mattress topper I ever had. Worth every penny you will not be disappointed.

Isabella Green

Soft yet firm luxury feel! Excellent product!

Max Cooper
So thick and comfy!!

This is exactly what I wanted! It is so thick and comfy.

Ava Clarke
So. Much. Better. the comfort, pain relief, and sleep quality are great.