How To Dispose of your old Mattress

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You’ve just ordered your new luxurious mattress from Estelle Decor  but how do you get rid of your old mattress? As tempting as it may be to dump it into the nearest skip, there are several easy and more environmentally and friendly ways to get rid of a unwanted mattress, particularly if it’s still in good condition. You can sell it online, donate it to charity or pass it on to be recycled.

  1. Sell your mattress

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! If your mattress is still in good condition so no unsightly stains and in relatively good shape, then you could get some money towards a new one. At Estelle Decor we know our quality mattresses will last you decades therefore we always recommend you protect them with a mattress protector. There are lots of different options when it comes to selling online such as gumtree, eBay, Facebook marketplace, shpock and many more. All you have to do is take a few photos write a description and people from your local areas can view it. Or if you would like to give your mattress away, why not offer it to family or friends? And its highly recommended that your safety labels are clear and intact.

  1. Recycle your mattress

Thinking if you can take your old mattress to the tip? Most council run recycling centres accept mattresses, but it’s always worth double checking what your local recycling centre accepts on your council’s website. You can always take the mattress yourself in a car that’s big enough and drop it off to your local recycling centre or there are some councils that offer mattress collection services for around £20-£40.

  1. Donate your mattress to charity

Before binning your mattress, you should think about what condition it’s in. Even if it isn’t working for your sleep pattern, there could still be some use in it for others as long as it’s clean and in good condition then you may be able to donate it to charity. Why not try phoning your local charity shop to see if they accept and sell used mattresses?

By passing it onto a charity shop, you also know that your mattress will go to someone who needs it because they make this useful item available for a really reasonable price.

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